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It's me, Luis Alemañ

It was 1984 when I decided to open my eyes in the small coastal town of Alicante. In love with the Mediterranean Sea and educated in it I started to take my first steps.

All those things that emit light and sound caught my attention since I was three years old, included photography, which I consider as a magical way to remember every moment of my life.

The computers fascinate me. That was the reason why I studied Informatics Superior Grade with the idea of continue this studies in University of Alicante. But in my first year of university I realized that so many absurd maths would not serve me for what I wanted to do in the future.

In 2010 I changed to Multimedia Engineering Degree, a career that encompass everything that I like to do; music, photography, video and video games.

Over the years I have tried to take all pictures I could, that is, since I found the Olympus OM-10 abandoned in the closet of my parents. Since then I have not stopped focus and unfocus through a lens.



carlosguijarro.com asrodproperties.com anagonzalezferran.com estervera.com picnicskateshop.net fuzzville.es wickerkane.com marlo.es


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